Facts and Questions

Question: Does California Power Toys allow travel days or charge for travel days?
Answer: Yes, we do allow for travel days if you are renting for multiple days and heading to a lake out of the area. If you are planning on traveling then please give us a call for a quote, so that we can give you a quote with travel days as this is not built into our online reservation system yet.

Question: Does California Power Toys allow you to take machines to Mexico?
Answer: No. All rentals from California Power Toys must stay in the U.S. due to laws and restrictions.

Question: What do I need on my vehicle in order to tow the machines when I rent them?
Answer: Vehicles must be equipped with a 2″ trailer ball & 4-way flat light connector. Towing vehicles must also have reasonable clearance, so when driving over bumps the trailer does not hit the ground.

Question: Does California Power Toys offer any type of discounts?
Answer: Yes. Our quote system has discounts built into it for jet ski rentals for multiple days and also if you rent multiple machines. If you have any questions on other discounts please contact us.

Question: Does California Power Toys rent accessories for the jet skis?
Answer: Yes. We have tubes, wake skates, wake boards, etc. for rent at a reasonable price. Please let us know if you are interested in the accessories and we can provide rates.

Question: Does California Power Toys offer jet ski rentals for Lake Tahoe?
Answer: Yes. We offer competative rates for people traveling to Lake Tahoe or other lakes outside the immediate area.